The Chase.Fit Method

What is the Chase.Fit Method

Chase.Fit is not like any other workout or exercise video series available. Created by top athletic professionals, our programs highly motivate you to pick a tangible goal that you can reach in a short term period. For example, an 8 week goal to achieve a run, or a 16 week goal to summit a mountain! The most important part of setting the goal is to create something tangible.

Unspecified goals like "I want to lose weight" or "I want to feel athletic" just don't work.

We help you uncover what you really want. We help you create a goal that you can live and experience. And we are by your side every step of the way as you work to achieve your goal. This doesn't stop at the workouts and the workout video series. We also give you tips and plans for nutrition and other lifestyle guidelines.

Chase.Fit will be there when you're ready to cross the finish line.

Our Method is to Find Your Why

Traditional workout programs that jump right into the sweating miss a key component in the fitness journey.  During your intro call with your Chase.Fit coach, you will set a goal that is based on your why.  Maybe you want to be able to walk the city, or play with your kids, or create habits for longevity. Your Chase.Fit coach will help you define your why then create goals that are tangible and fun.

   We highly motivate you to jump into your fitness program with the tools you need for success

   You have consistent accountability and a cheerleader by your side

   We have an endless knowledge base to assist you through any fitness journey

Start Your Fitness Program
Start Your Fitness Program

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