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ChaseFIT Ambassador/Lean Experience - Now Ambassador 

“I started my weight loss journey in September 2015 when I weighed in at 275lbs. After 2 years with ChaseFIT, I’ve lost over 100lbs of fat and gained over 30lbs of muscle. This has been a complete life changer! Coach Chase has been there every step of the way with endless support and words of encouragement. One of the key things I’ve learned is how to keep the weight off and to make the smart choice with my meals. Today I know with each meal plan, workout, and piece of advice I get from Coach Chase, it is because he wants me to reach my goal just as bad as I do. And now, as the original ChaseFIT Ambassador, I want my journey to help motivate and inspire others to chase their dreams.”


Orthopedic Surgeon/Summit Experience

“I was somewhat intimidated to train with someone because of the poor shape I was in. Coach Chase modified an exercise program to fit my situation. He has an innate ability to know when and how hard to push, enabling me to go deep inside and reach limits I would have otherwise thought impossible. I’ve now been on 2 mountain climbing expeditions... If you have a dream and the desire - working with Coach Chase - you will reach it!”



Health Technology CEO/Custom ChaseFIT Experience

“As a busy father of three and a business owner, my decision to train with Coach Chase was based on two factors: getting results and flexible scheduling. I’ve been working with ChaseFIT for over six months now. Not only have I had great results (weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength), but Chase’s ability to "just make it happen" within my crazy schedule has been much appreciated.”


Competitive Crossfit Athlete/Lean Experience

“I decided to start the Lean Experience to get out of my normal routine. For the past three years I have been doing crossfit five days a week for two hours plus a day. My body needed a break, but don't take this program lightly. It still pushed me day in and day out with the variety of movements and made me sore in places I hadn't been in years. I've see results and have packed on eleven lean pounds. The layout of the programming is easy to understand and well organized. I've been in the gym without a plan before where I try to freelance and that just doesn't work for me. I need structure with timed rest and a schedule. I highly recommend the lean experience to anyone wanting to chisel up.”


Aerial Yoga Instructor/Lean Experience

“I train in aerial arts, so I need upper body strength and Coach Chase upped my game. We work out 3 days a week and I've noticed a serious difference in a short time period. Chase is awesome at motivating and inspiring clients. He has a clever way of explaining and breaking down the exercises making them safe and effective. He challenges me and believes in me so I feel fully supported in doing 5 more pull ups, when I'm tired and at the end of my workout. I highly recommend the ChaseFIT Experience - it’s a life changer!"


Florida/Lean Experience

“I could tell right away that Coach Chase knew his stuff when it came to health and wellness. You will never meet a more passionate trainer. He instills confidence with encouragement to make you want to push harder and go farther then you believed you ever could. His positive drive and attitude is nothing but inspiring. Chase's intelligence and discipline is only matched by his energy and sense of humor. I value his exceptional knowledge of body mechanics and muscle function, along with his heart.”


Coach Chase's Mom

“Chase’s life long dream has been to help, inspire, motivate, encourage, and energize people’s lives. Since I’m his mother, I may be slightly biased here, but he really is one of the most caring and heartwarming individuals I have ever met, and I think you’ll agree when you get the chance to interact with him. Even through some difficult medical issues (2 bulging disc) Chase has found ways to keep me empowered and working out and he goes the extra mile by doing research and giving people one on one attention whenever needed. He truly wants you to succeed.”


Crossfit Athlete/Custom ChaseFIT Coach Experience - Now Ambassador

“As a former gymnast, I’ve always struggled with body image disturbances and a small amount of disordered eating. I never loved my body, and thought that was something that was normal and acceptable, until I began my nutrition and fitness journey with Coach Chase. With him, I’ve made unimaginable progress. My confidence in myself has increased ten fold, even in areas other than the gym, including the work front. Chase is always quick to respond with encouragement and a kick in the butt when I need it. As a crossfitter, my training style is somewhat different than what most of Chase’s clients do, but he was quick to adapt and supplement my training to make me better in the gym, as well as from a physique standpoint. I’d recommend ChaseFIT as a nutritionist, personal trainer, and life coach, whatever it is you need to reach your goals, no matter the skill level or training style.”


Athletic Trainer/Tampa Bay Rays/Custom ChaseFIT Experience

“Coach Chase is so much more than a personal trainer… He’s a motivator with weights, with thoughts, and with deeds. He’s highly skilled and supremely capable in the gym, and has a proven track record of helping his clients develop physically. A better measure of Chase’s talents is his focus and attention on a client’s entire life. He works hard to help develop lifelong skills and habits, so that growth is not just physical. His focus and attention will help a client develop life skills that can result in mental and spiritual growth. Chase can help a client define their own personal goals and dreams, and then design and help that client implement a plan to achieve them.”



Custom ChaseFit Experience

“My wife and I thoroughly enjoy our personal training sessions with Coach Chase. His teaching style and focus on proper body mechanics are some of the main reasons we keep coming back for more. We definitely recommend a ChaseFIT Coach to people of all ages, whether just starting out or a fitness veteran looking to reach that next level.”


Professional Photographer/Custom ChaseFIT Coach Experience

“As a fashion photographer, I was constantly surrounded by people with beautiful bodies. One day I decided to sign up with Coach Chase and change the narrative on my own life. It’s amazing how much confidence I’ve gained from the simple act of physical self improvement. Chase has been more than a physical trainer to me. He’s been a therapist, a friend and the motivation I needed not just in fitness, but in my career and my personal life as well.”


Police Officer/Custom ChaseFIT Coach Experience

“Throughout the year that Chase and I lifted together, he was always prepared for our next workout, and was super organized. He always reassured me that my goals were within reach. He was easy to be around, and had a super uplifting spirit about him. I was grateful to get the opportunity to learn from him. I would not be where I am without him, and I am forever grateful for everything he taught me. He truly is a special person.”


Michigan/Custom ChaseFIT Coach Experience

“I am a seven year thyroid cancer survivor which means no metabolism, no energy, and additional weight gain. No matter what diet program I tried, I just couldn't obtain any results. Coach Chase didn't run from that. He helped me to find the foods and exercises to help me lose weight and has stuck by me - cheering me up after low days - to pushing me to obtain my goals. I would not be where I am now without the guidance and support from Chase. I have recommended Coach Chase to many of my friends and would recommend him to anyone ready to get the body they've always wanted. Chase will support you every step of the way!”



Canada/Lean Experience

“I came across Coach Chase through instagram. The initial interaction with him was welcoming, knowledgeable and motivating. Through Chase I came to understand my body. I learned what it takes for me to gain and lose weight, to understand muscle growth, and maintain results. It was like having someone on your team holding you accountable - something I very much needed with my busy work schedule. Chase put me on a meticulous meal plan and workout experience fully customized and catered to my needs. His skill and technique is by far the best I have had the privilege of utilizing.”


Missouri/Build Experience

“What Coach Chase helped me with was getting over my fear of failure and to trust in the process. He told me that If we want success in life, we are going to fail sometimes, but the most important thing is that we don't give up and that we keep trying. I work 12 hour shifts overnights and I’m a single father so I just couldn't imagine how I could possibly do it. Chase really opened my eyes and after the first few weeks I was enjoying every minute of the Build Experience and how much energy I had. I went from making excuses, being unmotivated, and just feeling like crud to having an attitude that nothing is impossible. I've trusted everything he has had me do - from workouts to diet plans - and I am flat out BLOWN away with my results. I’ve lost weight and gained weight through the Build Experience and my body is absolutely shredded. I now have a six pack and every inch of my body is toned and I feel amazing. We owe it to ourselves to do something that empowers us and makes us feel great. Get the professional coaching that I did so you know you will get real results. Don't just dream anymore - chase your dreams like I did.”

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