“Randy it’s time to start gaining weight.”



That phrase alone scared the crap out of me. Not because of the fact of actually putting on muscle (which was definitely needed at my 170lb body) but more of the fact that I would be seeing the numbers on the scale head in the opposite way I’ve been used to seeing for the past couple of years. Now just to clarify I’ve done the whole “bulking” process before, but nothing like this; when I was told the ultimate goal was 200lb I was almost turned off from the idea of the program.

I knew physically I could handle it, but mentally was my concern “What if I go over board?”, “What if after the fact I won’t get back on track?”, “How much is too much?” All of these questions started to fly through my head and a lot of self doubt too. I was mainly afraid of slipping back to an old habits I spent years to get out of. So the first couple of weeks I was reluctant and the work/weight reflected it because I wasn’t gaining and I wasn’t improving with any of my workouts I just hit in a plateau that I was forcing myself to be on.

Finally it took some conversations with Chase along with others about their bulking experiences to make me say “F*ck it” I let my guard down and started to trust the process and give it 110%. My weight was going up, overall I was feeling stronger, and when I looked in the mirror I could tell the difference! Now don’t get me wrong once I seen that 200lb mark I was happy, for the fact I hit my goal and the fact I could start the weight loss process and get back down to the weight I was used to being, but with some added “mass”. Now i have my sights set on running in a second OCR and with the added strength I have no doubt I’ll be able to handle whatever that course has too offer!

ChaseFIT… for those that don’t settle! Now onto the next adventure!


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