Your Weight Loss Partner

Chase.Fit is your new partner in weight loss. We have an all new approach to losing weight that can help the person who has tried it all. The key factor that we help you drill down is your specific why for wanting to lose weight. Then we help you set achievable, motivating goals that are tied to tangible results.

Losing weight with Chase.Fit

Our expert coaches have helped people of all ages and sizes lose the weight they want. Whether it's the last few pounds that won't shed off or a bigger fitness journey, Chase.Fit is by your side to achieve your goals. Sometimes you don't even know what goals you should be setting - that's what Chase.Fit is here for.

The Chase.Fit workout programs that we offer have been crafted around specific goals. All of the workouts in the weight loss category have a specific target in mind: help you lose the weight you want to lose. Our workout videos will help you get there with the help of our total training fitness app.


$ 97/month


$ 97/month


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$ 97/month