Maggie has teamed up with
CHASE.FIT to bring you the

Empower Program

Train | Transform | Thrive

Make yourself a priority and find out what you get when you team up with me and Chase!

Let me tell you the story about

How I got where I am today

Let me tell you the story about

How I got where I am today

I love CHASE.FIT because

everyone has access to their own personal fitness coach
plus the capabilities of the all-in-one coaching app.

...and because you’re enrolling with me, you’ll have access to my CHASE.FIT fitness coach

Chase Petty Founder + CEO of CHASE.FIT

You’ll work with Chase and I to exceed your fitness goals all while learning
how to make fitness a part of your lifestyle!

Your confidence.
Your goal body.
Your happiness.
Are closer than you think…

When you enroll in our at home program, you will have every tool available to succeed. I will be with you every step of the way!

A 12 week progressive program starting round 4-5 days a week and working up to 6 days a week

A total coaching app with videos of every exercise executed by a certified personal trainer approved by ChaseFIT

The ability to communicate with me and a certified personal trainer approved by ChaseFIT

A LIVE group call every 2 weeks with me, Maggie, to make sure you ladies are staying motivated and continuing to finish what you started!

Recipes and diet guidelines to assure you exceed the goals you set for yourself

The chance to donate to an amazing cause and so much more!

Our program was created with strategy

CHASEFIT and I are both dedicated to results. Our program has 4 phases that are targeted to exceeding your goals.


Find your baseline and make your workouts habitual


By this phase you will have great form which will allow us to incorporate higher reps and weight so that we can speed up those results!


You will start incorporating workouts that you didn’t think were possible 6 weeks ago! HIIT, Circuit Training, AMRAPs, and more!

Finish Strong

ChaseFIT and I will be pushing a lot these last few weeks to prove to yourself that you are that badass we saw in you. Learn a lot more about the guidelines of nutrition and dieting based on goals!


Learn more about why it works.

Join a team that is dedicated to your goals.
By incorporating the ability to communicate to a coach and Maggie you will have the support you need to push through those tough days and exceed this goal you’ve been holding on to!

Drive down your expenses and effort chasing the next “magic pill” or program because there is no magic. It takes effort and until now, there hasn’t been a program to push you to put forth that effort.

Workout based on your body, your injuries, and your goals compared to other fitness programs that give everyone the same basic plan, leaving you to figure out how to modify or progress your performance on your own.

Learn advanced technique and execution by
certified ChaseFIT coaches. We don’t waste your time with an app filled with a stick figures
teaching you execution.


“Building this at home program for you ladies has been a goal for years.
I started my fitness journey at home and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I want to help you not only start your fitness journey, but to help you see it through”

- Maggie De Francisco

Start now to get FULL ACCESS to the
Empower Program by Chase + Maggie

Access to a certified online trainer and Maggie for 3 months

Bi-weekly live group calls with Maggie

Total coaching app access

Custom Fitness Program

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The power of having a “why” and asking yourself:

What’s Your CHASE?