Finding the Right Backpack

The biggest mistake you can make is buy the wrong pack or wear a pack without getting it fitted to you. You don’t want 60lbs pulling on your neck or sitting on your low back. Listen to what the experts at Environeers have to say!


-Lucas/ChaseFIT VP

Mountain Madness

If you haven’t heard about Mountain Madness – and you have a taste or interest in taking adventure to new heights – here’s the 4-1-1: Mountain Madness is all about chasing some of the world’s ultimate adventures. This ChaseFIT Adventure Partner offers mountaineering, ski and snowboarding adventure travel experiences – and they’ve been #1 at this for decades. Whether it’s your first mountain climb or you’re ready to take on mighty Everest, the crew at Mountain Madness will give you a thrilling and life-changing travel experience. They have every detail covered and will ensure that you have a safe and most memorable climb… and we know this from personal experience! When the team at Mountain Madness heard about our ChaseFIT Summit Training Experience, they didn’t hesitate to become a ChaseFIT Adventure Partner. You see, Mountain Madness clients would often ask for suggestions on training physically for a strenuous mountain climb, but beyond some basic tips, Mountain Madness clients would usually have to improvise a training regimine. The ChaseFIT Summit Experience removes all the uncertainty of training for a climb and will have your body ready to reach the summit. And because all of us at ChaseFIT are such huge fans of Mountain Madness and their thirst for adventure, we are offering ALL Mountain Madness participants 25% off our Summit Training Experience (link to Summit page). Contact your Mountain Madness team member for your coupon code.


-Lucas/ChaseFIT VP

Success Story: Randy

Randy is a frequent topic of conversation here, at ChaseFIT. We love this guy and continue to be inspired by his fitness journey. Soon enough, Randy will share, here in his own words, the story of how he found his “chase”.  Until then…


There was never a question of who we wanted as our first ChaseFIT Ambassador. Let’s start with the obvious: during the first 12 months of Randy’s ChaseFIT journey, he shed an astonishing 110 pounds, ran his first marathon AND competed in a Tough Mudder race. Prior to starting his ChaseFIT Experience, Randy was a self-described couch potato, dangerously overweight, stuck in a 9-to-6 daily grind, subsisting largely on a diet of fast food and soda. He tried many times in the past to get fit, but would get frustrated and quit when he couldn’t achieve the “promised” weight loss results. Depressed, lonely and in rapidly declining health, Randy was lost until an old friend from college reached out to him – our own Coach Chase. The timing proved serendipitous – Chase was in the process of developing a unique adventure-based fitness program – the very foundation of what is today ChaseFIT – and he was looking for test subjects to prove the effectiveness of his new fitness concept. Randy didn’t hesitate – he was the first to volunteer, and for that we are forever grateful – his feedback, along with so many others, have been vital to creating the ChaseFIT Experiences available today.

No longer feeling pressured by pounds or inches, or unrealistic expectations, Coach Chase focused Randy’s energies on achieving a realistic goal – albeit one that Randy thought was impossible at first: competing in one of those wild obstacle course races such as a Tough Mudder. Coach Chase suspected that if he could get Randy physically and mentally prepared for a race like this, and get him across the finish line, he would be more likely to accomplish his overall goal of losing weight and continuing on a path to a healthy, adventure-filled life. Randy easily crossed that finish line, and literally hasn’t stopped running since. Randy is now focused on his goals of completing his first mountain climb, and becoming a personal trainer so that he to can change peoples lives!


-Lucas/ChaseFIT VP

This Moment

How many times have you almost started your fitness journey? How many times have you started to succeed just to hit obstacles along the way pushing you to give up? How many times have you had that little voice in your head tell you, you can’t do it?


We have all experienced these moments and instead of assuming what it is that is stopping you from starting your fitness journey or has caused you to quit in the past, let me share what scared me and continues to scare me from time to time.


  1. Fear of failure
  2. Fear of letting others down
  3. Fear of the unknown


These fears are what we make them. Fear is a habit, so the more we say no to new things, new opportunities, and new experiences the more we solidify the fear. My fears came from past experiences or someone in my life telling me to fear them. Now, I approach the fear of failure with the possibility of growth. In the end I may fail, but I am breaking the habit of doubting myself. Instead, I am building a new foundation of possibility for myself.  The more we take chances and find the light in the darkness, the more we will start to look at life in a completely new light.


How about the fear of letting others down? Again, who says I am letting anyone down? No one said, “hey chase if you don’t complete this challenge or adventure you are stopping me from trying it myself” and no one is saying that to you either. I assumed that people only react to success instead of realizing that people react to possibilities and opportunities. If anything, my choices to try something like climbing a mountain, running a half marathon, putting on 20lbs of muscle in a year, doing a physique show, and now going after an iron man has inspired others to live a life of adventure.


The fear of the unknown is a tricky one. There is no trick to this one. This one took me a while to overcome and now I itch to try anything that scares me.  The feeling that comes with completing something you set out for is a feeling that can only be earned not given. The only advice I can give is to do it. I ask individuals all the time “What’s Your Chase?” because that’s the only question you need to be asking yourself. You deserve to live this life to the fullest so take the chance on yourself and remember with our team you aren’t alone.


Don’t resist fears. Be honest with yourself and distinguish what scares you because without fear there wouldn’t be courage and with courage comes growth. At the end of the day I just want to be able to grow into my best self and I believe that all of you reading this want the same thing for yourself!


Continue to come back to the moment you decided to start your fitness journey because in that moment you overcame all your fears and believed in yourself. You WILL struggle, and you will have moments of doubt, but you have to be able to come back to the moment you decided to start and feel that rush of excitement, motivation, and confidence all over again. It won’t be easy, but I promise it’ll be worth it!



What’s Your Chase?