Abs are just like any other muscle. They need time to recover so don’t get obsessed with having abs and end up training them every single day.


Also, no matter how much you train them they won’t pop more without proper diet. So, to have them show more you’ll need to diet down eventually, but while we are gaining muscle we should focus on making them harder and stronger. Your core is what’s going to protect your back as you increase your weights and focus on getting stronger.


When you do abs, time under tension is what’s important NOT the amount of reps you get. Take your time throughout the contraction and make sure you are exhaling all the air in your lungs as you contract don’t hold your breathe. Imagine rounding your spine and squeezing your chest to your hips.


My Top 5 Favorite Ab Movements:

  1. Weighted Planks
  2. Hanging Leg Raises
  3. Cable Crunches
  4. Side Planks
  5. Scorpion Planks


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