Frequently Asked Questions
ChaseFIT is a fitness company focused on providing individuals with the ultimate customizable fitness program! We build fitness programs that prepare you for adventures of a lifetime based around xtreme sports, body transformations, and endurance sports. Let’s get your fitness journey started today!
Visit the “Shop Fitness Programs” page, buy a fitness program, receive an activation email, activate your account in the app, and start your fitness journey with one of our many certified personal trainers.
Each fitness program is built around progression so it starts off easier usually around 4 days a week and progresses up to 6 days a week. This allows your body to adapt to working out. If you are already a veteraned athlete then we would start you off at 5-6 days right away.
The fitness programs on the website are built for beginners to intermediate. If you’re an advanced/professional athlete or lifter looking to take yourself to the next level please visit the “1:1 Training” Page and click “Schedule a Consultation” you will then fill out the contact form and Coach Chase will reach out to discuss working together!
Unfortunately we do not have any certified dieticians on the ChaseFIt team yet, but it will be offered in the future. On the other hand we do offer tips and guidance on a proper diet/nutrition with each fitness program.
We don’t plan custom adventures or competitions but, fortunately, our other company ChaseAdventure plans adventure retreats throughout the entire year. You can visit that site at
Our coaches do not do every adventure with every client. But, starting in 2020 ChaseAdventure will be putting on amazing adventure retreats that all clients are welcome to purchase and join!
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