Frequently Asked Questions
Chasefit is a fitness company focused on providing individuals with the ultimate fitness program! We build fitness programs that prepare you for adventurous experiences based around adrenaline, endurance, strength, races, etc! Let’s get your fitness journey started today!
Buy a fitness program and start your fitness journey with Coach Chase. Subscribe to be a part of the CF Team by clicking here and get a “workout of the week”, fitness tips every week, access to our private FB page, and education about adventure all over the world.
Each fitness program is built around progression so it starts off easier and gets harder with each week so that you continue to grow, get leaner, get stronger, and most importantly more prepared for you adventure!
The fitness programs are built for beginners to intermediate. If you’re an advanced athlete or lifter looking to get to the next level please visit the “Coach Chase” Page and fill out the application to be coached 1 on 1. Coach Chase will reach out to discuss working together!
No, we offer tips and guidance on a proper diet with each experience, but if you want a diet specifically built for you then reach out to Coach Chase and fill out the application on the “Coach Chase” page.
No. ChaseFIT prepares you physically for your adventure only, but we have multiple partners that can help you with what gear to buy, where to travel, and so much more.
Coach Chase doesn’t do every adventure with every client. But, in 2020 he will start offering clients to join him on some awesome adventures he’ll be taking!
Start Your Fitness Program
Start Your Fitness Program

Chase.Fit has a fitness program for everyone. Click below to find the program for you.

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