There are ways to prevent altitude sickness. Lean on your guides to pace you to the top. They will keep you at a slow enough pace that you shouldn’t experience it.


If you do start to feel dizzy, get headaches, or get short of breath stop and rest.

Some things that help me on my climbs:

  1. Salt tablets – Since we are eating more fast carbs while climbing our sodium can drop causing us to dehydrate. The salt tablets helped keep my headaches under control and take away the nausea.
  2. Cell Food – This is a elevation sickness prevention. You take these drop about 1-2 weeks out from a climb and it helps prevent elevation sickness on your climbs.
  3. Acetaminophen Tylenol is also great for headaches
  4. Acetazolamide is a diuretic (a drug that increases urine output) that increases kidney excretion of bicarbonate. This decreases the blood ph, thereby stimulating extra breathing, which results in higher oxygen levels in the blood.


All these need to be approved by your doctor. These are recommendations not prescriptions. So use any of the above remedies at your own discretion.


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