If you haven’t heard about Mountain Madness – and you have a taste or interest in taking adventure to new heights – here’s the 4-1-1: Mountain Madness is all about chasing some of the world’s ultimate adventures. This ChaseFIT Adventure Partner offers mountaineering, ski and snowboarding adventure travel experiences – and they’ve been #1 at this for decades. Whether it’s your first mountain climb or you’re ready to take on mighty Everest, the crew at Mountain Madness will give you a thrilling and life-changing travel experience. They have every detail covered and will ensure that you have a safe and most memorable climb… and we know this from personal experience! When the team at Mountain Madness heard about our ChaseFIT Summit Training Experience, they didn’t hesitate to become a ChaseFIT Adventure Partner. You see, Mountain Madness clients would often ask for suggestions on training physically for a strenuous mountain climb, but beyond some basic tips, Mountain Madness clients would usually have to improvise a training regimine. The ChaseFIT Summit Experience removes all the uncertainty of training for a climb and will have your body ready to reach the summit. And because all of us at ChaseFIT are such huge fans of Mountain Madness and their thirst for adventure, we are offering ALL Mountain Madness participants 25% off our Summit Training Experience (link to Summit page). Contact your Mountain Madness team member for your coupon code.


-Lucas/ChaseFIT VP


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