1:1 Personal Training

1 on 1 Online Life Changing Transformation With Coach Chase The Founder of ChaseFIT

Limited to 5 spots per year

Personal Training with Chase.Fit

How many times have you hired an online coach just to be disappointed by the lack of communication, the cheap PDF document with your diet and workouts on it, and the lack of motivation or accountability?.... I have experienced this myself when I first started my fitness journey. That is exactly why I wanted to put this together for you. My 1 on 1 coaching experience is like no other. For me to give you such a customized coaching experience I had to make it very limited…. only 5 spots….

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What do you get?

Fully Personalized Home/Gym Fitness Plan

A completely customized progressive fitness program specific to the adventure of your choice! These workouts were designed by Coach Chase and some of the most talented coaches and athletes in the world.These workouts are fully tailored to every goal, injury, preference and equipment availability along with ever growing scaling based on performance. We are here build a plan that works around YOU not around us.

EnvironMENTAL Coaching Videos

Mastermind coaching videos from some of the best coaches, adventurist, guides, and much more! We understand the importance of mental toughness. It doesn't matter how physically in shape we get you, if you can't overcome some of your mental fears and obstacles!

Weekly Adventure Tips

Weekly teachings on topics such as nutrition, mindset, expectations, goal setting, exercises to guide you on your fitness journey!

Coaching Strategy Calls

Two 1 Hour Call/Video Coaching Sessions a month to discuss, obstacles, growth, struggles, achievements, adjustments, and anything else we both feel needs to be discussed at that point and time in your fitness journey. This call is to ensure your mindset and habits are reflecting your utmost goals and desires.

Custom Macronutrient Blueprint

Fully customized macronutrient plan tailored to your goals, fitness level and daily energy requirements. This is great for vacations, work trips etc when you don't have access to your kitchen and daily meals, but want to stay on track

Fully Customized Meal Plan

Get fully customized meal planning, with grocery lists and more. Thats right! No more guess work. I will help you find the foods you're sensitive too, give you energy, help you recover best and much more so you can reach your goals faster!

Unlimited Access To VIP Member Site

Blogs and vlogs to help educate you, access to our entire exercise library filled with over 200 exercises, healthy recipes, tools for mindset, habit formation, and much more!

The Total Coaching App

THIS is a game changer. You ever bought a fitness program just to be left stranded hoping to find the answers. Not with ChaseFIT. We want you to understand that we are with you every step of the way and when you have questions or need guidance just reach out to your coach!

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